From the Editor-in-Chief
The COVID19 pandemic, which started in early 2020, still continues in 2021. It forces
us to lead a restricted daily life. AABE activities are also affected by the pandemic; particularly, its biennial conference has to be postponed. The 28th Biennial Conference of the
AABE (AABE28) was planned to be held in Tianjin, China, in October 2020, but we have not
been able to hold it even in this year, 2021.
Under such severe circumstances, I am very pleased we can publish the thirteenth volume
of the Asian Journal of Biology Education (AJBE) in this year. In this volume, there are two
practical reports, one practical note, and one report on biological resources, though it cannot
include the AABE28 conference report.
During last two years, the manuscripts contributed to AJBE have been peer-reviewed by the
following persons as well as the Editorial Board members: Professor Nobuaki Asakura (Kanagawa University, Japan), Mrs. Teiko Nakamichi (Tokyo Institute of Biology Education, Japan),
Dr. Danny Ng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China), and Dr. Takayuki Sato (Hirosaki
University, Japan). I deeply appreciate their efforts to review the manuscripts critically.
The next volume of the AJBE will include a special issue related to education on the
COVID19 pandemic. The expected topics are education on infectious diseases, microbes/viruses, immunology, etc. Everyone can contribute their research papers and/or practical reports on these topics to AJBE. General topics on biology education and environmental
education are also welcomed. So, I would like to ask the AJBE readers to prepare their
manuscripts referring to the “Instructions to Contributors” and send them to me.
Dr. Nobuyasu Katayama ( )