From the Editor-in-Chief

The COVID19 pandemic, which started in early 2020, still continues in 2022. The AABE
Biennial Conference, one of the major AABE activities had to be postponed due to the pandemic.
Fortunately, in April 2022, with the Biology Teachers Association (BIOTA) Philippines, AABE
could hold its Biennial Conference (AABE28) as a joint online event, the BIOTA 56th National
Convention and Scientific Sessions and AABE28.
Under such severe circumstances, we have been publishing the Asian Journal of Biology
Education (AJBE) every year since 2018. In the present issue of the journal, AJBE vol. 14,
there are one practical note, two country reports, and the AABE28 conference report.
During last two years, the manuscripts contributed to AJBE have been peer-reviewed by the
following persons as well as the Editorial Board members: Professor Hiroaki Asaga (Meiji
University, Japan), Dr. Nobuaki Asakura (Kanagawa University, Japan), Dr. Cheung Ming Cherry
Chow (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKSAR), Dr. Go Katayama (Takasaki University of
Health and Welfare, Japan), Professor Robert Wallis (Federation University, Australia) and Ms
Kwan Mei YAM (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKSAR). I am very thankful to them
for their efforts to review manuscripts critically.
By the way, for twenty years, since 2002, I have been serving as the AJBE Editor-in-Chief.
During the period, the AABE has been able to publish fourteen issues of AJBE. I am grateful to
all contributors, AABE members and AJBE readers for their continuous support to publish AJBE.
I am proud of maintaining the high quality of the AJBE as an academic journal. Now, I will leave
this work. I have asked Dr. Shigeki Mayama to take my place. Since 2012, Dr. Mayama has been
working on publishing the AJBE as an AJBE editorial board member. He also managed to register
AJBE for J-stage, an online system of searching for research papers, to make AJBE a well-known
journal worldwide. From now on, AJBE will be on a par with preceding journals on biology
education, such as Journal of Biological Education and American Biology Teachers. I have no
doubt Dr. Mayama will conduct the editorial work of AJBE much better than I have done. I keenly
hope AJBE will include many good quality articles and be published continuously. From January
2023, please send your manuscripts to Dr. Mayama (
Thank you all very much for your cooperation.
Dr. Nobuyasu Katayama